About us

We are two life lovers that crossed their lives by chance, and found out we had a lot in common! The love for life, for travelling and for meeting new people and cultures to learn from "diversity".
Putting ourselves in a challenge is pretty normal, and we love to fight for our dreams and for what we believe in!

Sara Airoldi
The Heart
Originally from Italy, Sara spent two years in Beijing, learning Mandarin and teaching Italian language at the Communication University of China, after which she moved to London to pursue her studies in Social Anthropology at Birkbeck University.
Her first professional experiences were in New Zealand and the Maldives within the travel trade and hospitality industries.
Now back in the UK after a successful decade in the travel trade and event industry, Sara is a free-lance Business Development consultant and Event Manager and co-founder of Sunset Points - Professional Development Retreats.
Alessandra Mineo
The hand
Located in Rome, Alex is a Web designer, Graphic designer, Front-end developer, Wordpress “magician” and Social Media manager.
She’s a pc addicted since 2000, when she fell in love with building website. Now thanks to several years’ experience with small and medium teams, her skills had grown up to cover a whole project.
Her life is full of colors, creativity and travels, from CG to drawing, from photography to web design, from corporate identity to video editing, from Australia to Japan, to USA to New Zealand and Maldives, she’s always hungry for new stuff to learn, to do and to see. She’s now studying to rock with her Nikon reflex camera!
Love what you do and you'll never work another day in your life.