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Remote workers in virtual offices

Remote workers in virtual offices

There has been a lot of research recently exploring the productivity benefits businesses can have by staff working remotely.

Some key outcomes are:

  • Remote workers often achieve more because they are more focussed (less distractions)
  • They have much higher engagement levels (with stakeholders)
  • They often work longer hours (self-motivating)
  • They are happier in their work (less commuting & more time walking the dog)
  • They are off sick less (more relaxed, less stress, higher immune functions)

Why companies are moving remote workers into virtual offices:

  • A virtual office is less expensive than a normal office
  • No high monthly rent to pay, only rent meeting rooms in co-working spaces when necessary
  • No bills and council taxes
  • No reception, as it can be managed by a virtual assistant
  • No night security, only online security
  • No cleaners

So, have you got team members that would benefit from some time on an SP retreat?
Are you a remote worker? And if so do you feel like an international retreat?
If this sounds right, contact us: info@sunsetpoints.com

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