Demistifyng leadership – Personal power

Demistifyng leadership – Personal power

I’ve come to realize that we have made leadership into something bigger than us.
We’ve made it into something beyond us. We’ve made it about changing the world. And we’ve taken this title of leader, and we treat it as if it’s something that one day we’re going to deserve, but to give it to ourselves right now means a level of arrogance or cockiness that we’re not comfortable with.

And I worry sometimes that we spend so much time celebrating amazing things that hardly anybody can do that we’ve convinced ourselves those are the only things worth celebrating, and we start to devalue the things that we can do every day, and we start to take moments where we truly are a leader and we don’t let ourselves take credit for it, and we don’t let ourselves feel good about it.

Leadership that is conscious and purposeful wants you to be personally powerful, for your colleagues and Guests to gift you their permission to lead, not because of your title, but
because you have earned it.

At Sunset Points we believe leadership is a choice, not a rank or a title.

Author information: Ian Johnson

As a manager, chief executive, owner operator and consultant, Ian has actively participated in exploring every opportunity to exceed the expectation of the visitor.
All of this hands-on business experience has led to a passion for interpretation, storytelling and cultural communication.
How do we make our visitors: Love what we love just as much as we do? Have our passion matter as much to them as it does to us?
And be inspired to care about what we care about? Ian has most recently been training lecturers and guides in the polar regions, has tertiary qualifications in Adult Education, Graphic Design and Sports Coaching, and is the licensed owner of the TORE™ Interpretive methodology in New Zealand.

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