Instead Of Giving Up, Take A Break

Instead Of Giving Up, Take A Break

Instead of giving up, take a break and try again differently

When something we attempt does not work out, we think that it will never work out.

Our “mindset” becomes it’s easier to give up then to go through all the hassle to try and see if it works out.

Some who don’t give up tend to fall into the trap of doing the exact same thing over and over again hoping that “this time” it will happen the way we want it to but if it still does not work out from those many times, they give up and won’t try it differently!

Every person is different in their abilities, the resources they have and their ideas. What is the same is the wanting of success.

If you try to do something and you find that you cannot do it, you naturally keep trying to do it but at some point you need to accept that you cannot do it at this time of your life.

You ask yourself should I keep doing the exact same thing to see if “this time” it might work out while wasting time, energy and resources.

Or should I try something else to see if I can do it; that could lead to success?

You can try many different things and at different times of your life or different times of the year to see what you can do.

You might discover the things you wanted to do but you cannot do; by doing something else you never thought of doing or being able to do “an extra ability” you can add to your list.

Sometimes certain actions can work out at different times of the year, the next year or in years to come.

You might feel that you are wasting your life on an idea or multiple ideas because you are not successful and having thoughts of giving up on those ideas.

Sometimes it is not just thoughts of giving up on an idea but giving up on all your ideas, dreams and of trying to do something that you really want to do.

We all have regrets in our lives and giving up on an idea or your drams can be a huge regret and it’s always easier to blame it on anything and everything as its “natural human nature”.

But what else is “natural human nature” is the drive to succeed at something you really want to do.

If what you set out to do does not work out “as many times it doesn’t” it does not mean that nothing will ever work out, it just means that this attempt and idea did not work out for you at this point in time.

Instead of giving up on your ideas or multiple ideas and stopping all your attempts at success, take a break, stop attempting the exact same thing and try a different attempt as there are a unlimited number of “different attempts”.

But if you give up on it all, then there is absolutely no chance of you or your ideas becoming a success.

Thinking about what you cannot do only makes you frustrated, wastes your time, energy and resources.

Only think about what you can do, even if it takes you many years to succeed, they won’t be wasted years.

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