Digital nomads’ retreats: why you should attend one right now

Digital nomads’ retreats: why you should attend one right now

If you’ve got an adventurous spirit, and a job you can do from anywhere in the world, the retreat experience is something you may want to try at least once in your life…

Who is usually attending a Digital Nomad retreat?

Digital nomad retreats are ideal for:

  • Creatives: Freelance writers and/or bloggers, graphic designers, photographers and/or videographers.
  • Programmers: developers (front-end and backend, softwares…), web developers, mobile developers, data scientists and tech assistants.
  • Entrepreneurs: CEOs, founders, startup owners and small business owners, companies who have remote team, companies who want to have a team building…
  • Advertisers: Virtual assistans, Digital marketers, SEO and PPC specialists, social media managers and email marketing managers.

Making the Most of Remote Working

A digital nomad retreat will give you the opportunity to travel and work together with fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers from cities all over the world. 
Remote working allows you to get that work-life balance just right, giving you the freedom to earn your way as you explore new parts of the world.

How do you spend your time on one of these retreats? That’s almost completely up to you. You’ll enjoy coworking and co-living space with your fellow travellers, with shared mealtimes and scheduled local activities. You’ll also have plenty of flexibility to explore your surroundings at your own pace, just as you like it!

What are the advantages of attending a Retreat?

Apart from the obvious opportunity to explore a new city and country, and check a few great items off your “bucket list”, there are some other great advantages to joining a retreat:

  • Connect with a community: You’ll get the chance to meet and network with a group of like-minded people. You’ll make lasting friendships, and you may meet some future partners for creative business collaborations too.
  • Structure and connectivity: When travelling on your own, you might struggle to find a workspace that allows you to be productive, or a spot with a reliable Internet connection. On retreat, you get 24-hour access to well-equipped coworking spaces with high-speed WiFi, so you can focus on your work with no interruptions.
  • Accommodation: Forget those dodgy hostels and backpackers’ spots – great quality accommodation is included in the retreats, giving you the private space you need to relax and recharge.

What is usually included in the experience?

If the idea of a digital nomad retreat has got you feeling the bite of the travel bug, it’s time to hop on a plane and join the wandering experience. SunsetPoints organises premium coworking retreats in some of the world’s most popular remote working destinations

What’s included in the experience?

  • Airport pickups
  • A private bedroom in a modern villa or apartment
  • Access to a well-connected coworking space nearby
  • Group excursions
  • Masterclasses & skillshares
  • Local SIM to keep you connected
  • Amazing opportunities to meet new people and try new things

Prices vary depending on the length of the retreat, take a look to our current retreats to choose the one that fits you better!
Please contract us for more information.

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