Adaptability is the key

Adaptability is the key

At the moment, anything non-virus related almost seems irrelevant.

Life is full of uncertainty. We know that on an intellectual level, but few of us fear this, especially in trying times.

We are simply seeing the nature of our human condition, which has always been unpredictable and precarious. We are never completely safe and totally certain.

We cannot bubble-wrap the world, or stop the ticking clock, but we can find composure in ever-changing circumstances.

Uncertainty is Life’s way of summoning us to grow the wisdom and courage inherent in us all.

Let’s learn to trust Life. Life never gives us too much or too little.

Whatever is going to happen, is a curriculum perfectly designed for us. It is big enough to stretch us but is proportionate enough for us to breath.

Let’s practice trusting ourselves. We are infinitely adaptable, beyond imagination. When Life sends us the next unexpected storm, we will first wobble, but in our wobble, we will find strength.

What is adaptability?

The American Psychological Association (APA) defines adaptability as “the capacity to make appropriate responses to changed or changing situations; the ability to modify or adjust one’s behaviour in meeting different circumstances or different people” (VandenBos, 2015, p. 18).

There are two ways we can help boost adaptability:

  • Recognise change and uncertainty in life;
  • Encouraging family, friends, colleagues and yourself to adjust his or her thoughts, behaviour, and/or emotion, pointing out the benefits of these adjustments in thought, action, and emotion;
  • Implementing these adjustments as we all navigate future changes.

There are three dimensions where adjustments can be made: cognitive, behavioural and emotional.

We are encouraged to identify specific ways they might adjust each of these three dimensions to assist each other to successfully navigate new and unfamiliar situations that arise.

We are like a tree that bends but will not break. Then, the occasion will shape us into who we ought to be- a more robust, fuller version of ourselves.

When we align with an unexpected life event, we grow to become calmer, more resilient adults. When we stop trying to control events of our life, we will find freedom, and the strength to take the next step.

And the next step is all that matters right now.

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