Why Virtual Events Might Be Better Than Live Events

Why Virtual Events Might Be Better Than Live Events

If you’re uncertain about virtual events, here’s a list of just some of the reasons why they can actually be just as useful, if not better, than live ones. 

There’s More Time For Close Personal Interaction

At live events, everything can feel rushed, especially if guests, hosts and speakers have had to travel a long way to attend. Virtual events can be hosted and enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.  This means there’s more time to spend enjoying the event. If you’re hosting a virtual event that involves a speaker, then they won’t have to travel to the event.  As a result, will have more time to spend answering questions and supporting attendees. Finding a speaker for your event can be tough.  However, use Speakers Corner to find the perfect guest for any event, from a literary festival to a political discussion and everything in between. They’re leaders in the industry.  They work with 1000s of speakers who could be perfect for your event. 

It’s Easier To Organise A Virtual Event

Anyone who’s ever hosted a live event understands how stressful it can be; there are so many different people to liaise with and different elements to organise. With a virtual event, many of the challenges of running a live event, such as organising the venue, decoration, lighting, sound set-up, staff etc. are all irrelevant. As a result, it is much easier, cheaper and generally less stressful to host a virtual event than it is a live one. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to plan a virtual event; just that you’ll have less to think about and worry over. 

Sharing Visual Data Is Easier Virtually

Everyone has been to a live event where the projector or lighting doesn’t work.  When the poor host is forced to flounder helplessly without their visual cues and images. On a virtual event, that isn’t an issue.  You can share your screen with your viewers or simply hold up your visual materials to show them. 

Virtual Events Are Accessible To All

For many differently-abled individuals, or those who have unique circumstances such as young children to care for, attending live events can be a challenge. However, virtual events require only the internet and a compatible device.  This means almost everyone can attend. Many video conferencing solutions allow entry for free to participants, so everyone who wants to can attend. You can also set passwords, so that if you do need to charge a fee to fund your event, then you can.

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