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Bespoke group travels

Re-locate temporarily elsewhere

Whether you are a corporate group, sports club, professional trainer, professor or a group of friends looking to tailor a unique package, Sunset Points team can help you organise your temporary escape from the city life.

What do we offer?

  • Great accommodation with Co-working space and fast Wi-Fi
  • Transport on the ground
  • Activity planning and assistance when you are looking to fill up any free time

Work is something we DO, not a place that we GO

We strongly believe that great work can be done from anywhere in the world, especially if you
have the opportunity to work remotely.



of WORKFORCE will be freelance by 2021



of PRODUCTIVITY increase after retreats



employees MORE HAPPY because of team building and improved moral

We guarantee you a shared workplace where you will be even more focused and happy to work
independently, but at the same time, surrounded by people who love this kind of lifestyle or by your colleagues
who would feel the benefits of being in a different environment, such as

  • Working on a specific project
  • Working in a different location
  • Sharing ideas and inspiration
  • Be fully productive and full of new ideas
  • Sharing activities, fun times

Our Co-working spaces attract freelance, work-at-home professionals, remote workers, independent
contractors and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporate teams who need a space and seek a community
with a collaborative spirit.

Sunset Points provides 24/7 access to at least one dedicated co-working facility and

We guarantee you internet speeds fast enough for social media, video calls, browsing, email, and the
vast majority of work-related tasks
. (Minimum speeds of 50mbps download and 20mbps upload)
Do let us know if you have specific requirements and we will try to accommodate.

Your BUSINESS comes first!

We are not here to distract you, we are here to support you and empower your skills to give a boost to your
career and projects.
Our retreats are based on mutual trust and the sharing of common core values between its participants.

We are not here to impose a time schedule on you, we adapt to your daily priorities. Our professional
development activities can be run during the weekend (for example) and our networking events can be planned any
time that would suit you the best.

Customised co-working retreats for your business teams

Don’t think twice:

send us your brief idea of when and where you would like to develop the best
possible retreats for your business needs.

After a quick discussion on your key requirements we will
send you a customised presentation.

Inspire & motivate your team

Contact our Retreats Expert

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