Personal and Professional Development:

We believe that every single individual benefits hugely by investing in their personal and professional development.
Our SP retreats include a variety of development mechanisms on both a personal and professional level while participants have a great time with a bunch of likeminded people in cool locations. Places that we handpick from our own travels and our network of experience providers around the globe.
Our team have spent many academic years honing practical and experiential systems to really get things moving for our clients. These methods go ‘outside of the box’ and often are done in locations, and with people that will blow your mind!

An example of a professional development component is the ‘Leadership Development Experience’ (LDEx) which is an Outdoor Adventure run by qualified instructors. https://youtu.be/oqE50PuDWA8

What is an L-DEx?

A Leadership Development Experience (LDEx) is a high level professional development programme, generally between 3-10 days in duration, which sees participants first learning the relevant skills for a wilderness journey and then executing the journey involving different modes of travel on water and land. The LDEx framework has been developed by our partners in New Zealand and honed with numerous groups of high level thinkers in a variety of locations.

By use of LDEx, adventurous activities and workshops, personal outcomes are openly discussed and analysed. This analytical, reflective approach allows SP clients to ‘make sense’ of their transformation and see where valuable evolutions to their worldview. Click here to download a very detailed explanation of the LDEx componets of our retreats.

Network Events

Throughout the retreat we will be meet a variety of guest speakers from many industries and backgrounds. These are all entrepreneurial leaders in their own right and have specific stories and messages.
Many topics will be covered such as entrepreneurial leadership, sustainability in a future and global sense, design thinking, leader-follower relationships, creating effective teams and creating your own sustainable vision and mission. When possible we will also conduct site visits/case studies to the speaker’s operations/businesses.

Local Events and Experiences

Proud of the knowledge of each destination we have handpicked for you, we will offer you the opportunity to connect with the local community and discover more about culture, history, cuisine, art and nature.
We aim to provide you authentic experiences with locals, hard to uncover on your own.
Our events, workshop and activities are open to all members of the community sometimes at an additional cost or on a limited-availability basis.
So, it’s going to be a busy retreat with very positive life-changing experience for everyone.
If you think this sounds like an adventure you’d like to have, get in touch and we can start having discussions with you.


What people think about our LDEx retreats

“I was taking those past mistakes and looking at myself from the outside on that course for the whole time”

Paul – LDEx participant

Paul – LDEx participant

“It was like having an injection of vitamin B boost; physically shattered but emotionally charged.”

Fiona – LDEx participant

Fiona – LDEx participant

“This has been a real enhancement of my own self and a re-discovery of my mojo!”

Michael – LDEx participant

Michael – LDEx participant

“The self-revelation that came out of it was really important for me”

Clara – LDEx participant

Clara – LDEx participant

We offer you the possibility to work and explore the world at the same time via hassle-free nomadic experiences where freelancers, entrepreneurs and full-time employees can plug into a new “office” space in remote corners of the globe.

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