Co-working and co-living spaces for digital nomads

Sharing our favourite places whilst promoting sustainable travel and the empowerment of people.

Sunset Points (SP) is a co-working retreat focussed travel company. We curate communities of professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers from across the globe. Working, travelling, and exploring international destinations together.
Our objective is to increase personal wellbeing through shared experiences in beautiful locations, providing expert professional development opportunities whilst showcasing and evoking responsible tourism practise.
Values and principles mean much to us, and you’ll find this attracts likeminded people, we believe in: Sharing Adventure, Respect, Humility, Camaraderie, Diversity & Passion

Applications: Each member goes through an application process, and once accepted, he/she can join us at the retreat of their choice.

Over the last decade there has been a global shift to virtual offices and teams that has created a spike in growth of the ‘remote worker’. From this ‘remote worker’ a paradigm shift has occurred whereby the ‘digital nomad’ has evolved.

Nomads defined:
“Digital nomads are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job. They work remotely, telecommuting rather than being physically present at a company's headquarters or office.” Investopedia
Our retreats are based in stunning accommodations, in close proximity to lovely landscapes, interesting cultures and the valuable infrastructures of towns. From our retreats, we co-work and co-live together for the duration of the retreat.
Retreat durations are generally 4 weeks, however we do offer shorter and longer term experiences, often as bespoke packages. Everyone who attends a retreat works on their own initiatives; their own companies, freelancing, start-up projects, creative ideas, remote office etc.
Having a range of creative individuals in one location, experiencing adventures, cultures and professional development provides a sound and vibrant collaborative space, you will bounce ideas around, assist with clarification of thoughts, and feel empowered by the shared passion of the people you are with.
When we’re not working, we explore the country together. Most weekends, we’re out chasing adventure (rafting, surfing, road trips, hiking, camping, sailing, diving, sunsets and campfires…) whilst visiting the most spectacular places of our chosen locations.

Anyone who is able to work remotely and who is ready for a lifetime experience! We welcome people from infinite professional backgrounds and our team celebrates cultural diversity.
If you answer yes to at least some of the following questions a retreat could be a good fit for you:
1. Are you needing a challenge or a new experience?
2. If you said yes to the above question could this challenge or new experience involve remote working internationally?
3. Do you have difficulty getting time out from work? If so can you take work with you?
4. Can you work remotely for a few consecutive weeks?
5. Do you love the work you do, do you have passion for it?
6. Would you benefit from time with likeminded folk, sharing ideas and inspiration?

Between 10 – 15 people per group.
We don’t want to have groups that are too large, it’s well known that large groups can become impersonal and break down.

Yes. Remote working requires consistent and fast internet connections.
Without it, we cannot offer, nor run a successful co-working, digital nomad environment. We have partnered with IT specialists that provide 24/7 cover for us in our chosen remote locations.

In saying this however, every country has different maximum speeds and we can only provide speeds the system allows.
If you require very fast internet to do your work, please let us know when you request to join a location, so we can tell you what speeds to expect.

Firstly, the creators of Sunset Points love to travel, and as a result of the desire to travel came the desire to work remotely, and thus, travel whilst working!

During our travels much has been experienced which has enhanced our personal values and principles.
We are now very keen to share experiences that we have had ourselves. We’ve done this by going ‘deeper’ in regards to how our retreats can provide ‘transformational experiences’ for the client on both a personal and professional level.
Enhancing their conscious and subconscious outcomes by having fun, seeing new landscapes and interacting with them via adventurous activities, all the while engaging in key personal and professional development activities.

Yes, we created this lifestyle because we love living it.
We consider ourselves as members of the community just like everyone else.


We can assist with travel recommendations, bookings and all transfers

Co-working spaces

Amazing spaces for digital nomads, great wifi and infrastructure guaranteed!

Healthy Lifestyle

We promote and facilitate healthy life style by organising fun & adventurous

Personal Development

We are connecting people from all over the world, attracting innovators, thinkers and creators. Our vision is to create an environment where motivated members come together to grow themselves, their businesses, and each other.

We wanted to throw in the one thing that every other initiative out there seems to have forgotten, the thing that truly makes us thrive: balance. We will endeavour to help you to find a balance between what you do, what you could do, understanding your limits, your strengths, and embracing your weaknesses.

We will not only give you a beautiful space where you could feel inspired, but we also invite adventurers, life-coaches, educators, innovators and key experts in personal and professional development into the fold.
You’ll get to know these people well, and we hope become friends. All these people have one common goal: to ensure you succeed.

Some development fields we cover on retreat include:

  • Self and social awareness (SSA)
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Leader-follower relationships
  • Creating effective teams
  • Vision, values and principles – Mission
  • Global & Regional Sustainability
  • Telling compelling stories